Builders in Bromborough can turn your home into a dream house

If you are thinking of moving to a bigger or better house, have you considered a home extension instead? With the help of expert builders, your Bromborough home can really become something special.

The Wirral town has a history that dates back to medieval times, though there are few buildings remaining from that period. Perhaps the most important building in the town was the Old Court House. Its site is listed and protected, but the building is no longer standing.

There is a 10th or 11th Century cross in St. Barnabas Churchyard and the Market Cross dates from around 1278. A wall along Spital Road is likely to be medieval too.

You may not care if your home survives the centuries like these structures, but you do expect it to last well beyond your lifetime. A well-constructed extension to your Bromborough home will certainly achieve this while also adding extra space and value.

Types of extensions

To start a home extension project, you first of all need to have an idea of what you want. What type of extension is best for your needs?

The simplest extension is a single-storey one with a flat roof. If your budget can stretch to it, consider a two-storey extension. A three-storey one is possible provided it is not taller than the existing house height.

An extension does not have to be external to your property, with a loft or cellar conversion being an example of how to maximise the space in your home.

An economical form of extension is a conservatory. The most popular type is made from PVC and glass, but there is a trend for conservatories to be constructed using materials that fit in more with the existing house design.

Though not strictly speaking extensions, standalone building are popular, particularly for home offices. Ex-Prime Minister David Cameron recently bought what the press referred to as a “shed” to do his writing in. It is reported to have cost £25,000, but a standalone building in the garden does not have to cost that much.

Hire the best architects and builders

Once you have decided about what type of home extension you want for your Bromborough home, the next stage is to find the best local architect who can turn your imaginations into reality. An architect can help you if you need planning permission, and advise you on what you need to provide to the local planning authority.

You then need a good Bromborough builder who, together with your architect, will come up with the cost of the extension project. You may be able to save money at this stage by using cheap fixtures, fittings and materials, but this could be a mistake. Go for a quality extension that is designed to last for many generations.

Builders in Bromborough can help you create a beautiful home extension that will enhance your property and provide extra space for you and your family.

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June 26, 2017

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