Builders in Chester can make a home unforgettable

Builders in Chester can extend and renovate your home to add style and value, making your it an unforgettable place to live, unlike some of Chester’s past buildings.

Chester’s forgotten buildings

Chester has a rich architectural heritage, but many of its buildings have gone and remain forgotten by residents. There used to be a large Victorian market hall next to the town hall, but this was demolished to make room for the Forum Shopping Centre.

The Beatles played at the Royalty Theatre in 1963 but it was knocked down in 2001 to build a Premier Inn. A year earlier, they played at Chester’s Riverpark Ballroom on the day John Lennon got married to Cynthia. The ballroom was demolished in the 1960s and now is the site of a business centre.

Chester City Football Club used to play at Sealand Road Stadium, which was demolished in 1990 and is now the site of a B&M store. It remains dearly remembered by fans of the club, but the more out-of-town Deva Stadium has been the club’s home for the past 25 years.

Making your home unforgettable

There are many reasons for needing a larger house. Families grow and need extra bedrooms, and many people work from home and need office space. Buying and moving to a larger house can be expensive and stressful, which is why many people choose to extend their existing house to create more space. This can also add value to the house.

An extension can be functional but ordinary. On the other hand, there are a number of ways an extension can be designed to add style and luxury to make it stand out.


The materials are used for an extension can make it distinctive. Timber cladding adds a rustic feel, and a timber frame extension with a mix of white render and grey slate can create a stylish, crisp finish.

An extension can use the same materials as the rest of your house, or can form an aesthetically pleasing contrast to your existing house style.


Creative lighting design can add a great atmosphere to a new extension. Smart lighting controls can change the atmosphere using a smartphone app. Spotlights and downlights can illuminate work spaces, while coloured smart lamps can be dimmed to create a relaxed atmosphere at night.

Extensions can be designed to allow natural light to come into the building from many different directions using windows and roof lights to add layers of light and shade.


A concrete and glass extension may look good, but it could mean that sound reverberates on its surfaces, creating a harsh noise. These problems can be overcome by using sound-absorbing materials.


Cantilevering is a system to add balconies and mezzanines that seem to float without any obvious support mechanism. Cantilevered structures can be as dramatic as they are practical.

Builders and architects

A combination of the best architects and builders in Chester will create a stunning house extension that is unforgettable. You may not be able to host the Beatles in your home, but an extension opening party will make you and your home unforgettable.

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May 24, 2017
House extensions Chester

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